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To make the most out of this site I suggest you read the Creation Evolution and Noah’s Flood section first. This is because it presents what I believe is undeniable evidence that Noah’s flood was categorically NOT a global event, and that that time in history was already preceded by vast amounts of time, life, death and decay on planet earth.

This “fact” then confronts the entire Christian landscape of belief and theology: God, Creation, The Gospel, Jesus’ message and life, the Authority of the Bible….all must come under reveiw.

The material on Noah’s flood raises this problem. The next few sections are an effort to help Christians, of which I am one, to think through possible solutions to the dilemma in which we find ourselves. I believe it is better we confront these very real issues than pretend they don’t exist, or even worse appear unable or unwilling to see them.

Creation Evolution & Noah’s Flood

The Land of Abraham – Fossil Corals – 500 Cubic Kilometers of Salt – and a Global Flood. Was the flood described in the Bible local or global? How long had this planet and life been around before the flood? Read More

Oceanic Anoxic events and Global Warming

Ice core date and global temperatures changes show a remarkable pattern when the Great Oceanic Anoxic events are overlain. Read More.

The “Global Warming” Myth

Until more recently I was like many others, just accepting the mainstream opinions presented by the media. Over time, I became uneasy with some of the arguments presented and the science used. I began to do my own intensive research. The result was a shock.Read More

Pakicetus and Transitional Whales

Pakicetus is an early whale. Now extinct, it was a terrestrial carnivorous mammal of the  family Pakicetidae which was endemic to Pakistan ….The pakicetus is particularly interesting because it provides an example of clearly transitional development. Read More

Milk Lines, Mammals and Creation

In February 2011 the Television Program “Embarrassing Bodies” presented a segment on a “Third Nipple“. This draws attention to an intriguing similarity between the human body and other mammals. Read More

Eye Exercises

Almost ten years ago I began having trouble reading the fine print but did not want to get glasses. I believed there just had to be a better, natural way to improve eyesight. After three years of intensive research The Eye Gym is the result. Today I can read the fine print, and even thread a needle again. Read More


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