Oceanic Anoxic Events and Global Warming

Global warming takes on a different perspective when we compare past temperatures and CO2 levels, as recorded in ice cores,  with the great Oceanic Anoxic Events.

This image shows the CO2 and temperature levels for the last 420,000 years based on Ice Cores.

This image shows the 8 Great Oceanic Anoxic events which are responsible for most or the worlds fossil fuels.

Below is a chart you will never have seen. Most information about Oceanic Anoxic events and global warming tell you that these events occurred during particularly warm periods of earth’s history. The Green blocks placed on the chart are a combination of the above two graphs. These green blocks clearly show that at least the last 6 of these anoxic events occurred during times which were significantly colder than today. It is also worth noting the CO2 levels were also much lower.

Below are two maps showing changes in climate and vegetation over the past 18 thousand years. To put these maps of vegetation into perspective notice where the last glacial is located on the ice core chart duplicated below. The rise in blue and red illustrating CO2 and Temperatures, occurs after the last glacial, and covers the well known Hockey Stick era of history. It also puts it into perspective of the larger, 420 thousand year Ice Core history:

Land and vegetation today:

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